Don Miguel Ruiz guides us towards awareness, our understanding of ourselves and of the world in which we live through daily meditations of the Toltec tradition, of the healers of Mexico.

Here is the meditation you can do today:

Accept the change

Sometimes the change happens in the blink of an eye.

Our inner narrators can judge it positive or negative, but in any case we can not avoid it.

Among the many things that change in the course of life there is one that will never change: awareness.

The constant perceptual point that we are not is immutable.

This world of polarity (where “up” is related to “down” and “hot” is the relationship to “cold”) we recognize change thanks to the part of ourselves that does not change.

Loving life unconditionally means knowing that life can change without warning, like the wind that suddenly changes direction, but the strength of our intention allows us not only to adapt to everything that life presents us, but also to grow and thrive in the new situation.


Today run with life,

remaining rooted in the present moment

and remembering that you are the element

that does not change.

Any change does not happen “to you”, but “for you”.

Excerpt from the book:

Vivere una Vita di Consapevolezza
Meditazioni quotidiane sulla via tolteca

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