positive affirmations

Who reads my blog now knows, the future is in our hands! Precisely for this reason I do not cartomancy but rather discover together with the angels which are the inner blocks that prevent us from reaching what we want.

In a post you find HERE I explained one of the most complete but simple techniques to change our reality and achieve what we want, gratitude.

But I know that many of you have the urgent need to change things that are not good, in any area of life, so I did not want to wait any longer to give you other practical solutions.

Today we talk about positive affirmations.

If I say “I am a successful person” I am not telling a lie and it is not a simple statement to follow the current of “positive thinking”.

Rather, it is about creating a “vision” of the future that we desire and, once again, putting ourselves in the mental and emotional state “as if it were already …”.

If you have read this article, you have probably understood that in the Universe all the infinite possibilities already exist and if you say the chosen statement it is like moving the Universal “catalog” what you want to attract it towards you.

But that’s not all here.

Reciting the statements creates new synapses in the brain, which are like new buttons corresponding to a new belief.


Our beliefs reside in our subconscious mind.

Every day our subconscious is bombarded with convictions since we are children: at school, in the family, from television, from institutions … The beliefs, as you can see from the diagram above, produce a certain type of thoughts, making us then feel certain emotions that a they make us act in a certain way. And based on what we feel we act in many different ways, ending up for a result governed by our emotions.

So we can deduce that if we want better results we have to create better new

synapses in our brains!

But let’s not waste any more time, let’s start with the practical part.

Allow me just one more minute to remember the wonderful Louise Hay, mother of positive affirmations, who left us in 2017. She has allowed us to change the lives of many people all over the world, thanks Louise!

Now let’s see what you can do to put the statements into practice:

Choose an aspect of yourself or your life that you want to change
Form an affirmative phrase, which serves to dismantle your limiting thoughts
Recite as many times as you can and for at least 21 days
Add when you want other statements related to other aspects of your life

At the beginning it will be hard to believe that what you are saying is really real, but after a more or less short time of practice those words will be part of you and you will feel like it’s all true.

Remember that the purpose is to place these new affirmations / beliefs in your subconscious mind, making sure that your life can change.

You will realize you have done a good job when something inside you changes, when your emotions will be different.

You can begin by reciting these statements that Louise Hay had chosen for her:

Life loves me
I am always safe and divinely protected
All that I need to know is revealed to me
I love and I’m loved
I’m in perfect health
I succeed in everything I do
Everything is good in my world
I am willing / to change and grow
Everything I need comes to me in a perfect space / time sequence
You just have to establish what statements are beneficial for you, associate them with daily gratitude and … good job!

As Louise Hay used to say to every person, Life Loves You!