” When we accept to embrace

our Creativity,

let us open ourselves to God:

or rather to a flow of beneficial order. “

-Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way


Colors, creative expression and determination: this is how Art can inspire others and above all how it can become a job, but starting from the overcoming of one’s inner limits.

Chiara Magni explains it to us with this interview, an Artist who through her work has the Mission to make people feel better, even if only for a moment, in a more happy world.

1- What was the deciding factor that made you undertake this business?

Let’s say it was impossible to resist…even as a child I started drawing even before to learn to write and the funny thing, the first-ever word I wrote has been ” blue ” ahahah…so it is clear that my ” artistic spin ” dominates on everything.

2- Is there a source of inspiration that motivated you in the past and continues to drive you?

The desire to express positive emotions and to create a portal for a parallel world with my every picture, where the viewer can feel better and happier even only for a moment.

3- What was your biggest difficulty in carrying out this project?

Fighting my “demons” Interior that told me I wouldn’t be able to do it and that my work was of poor quality and with too little aesthetics. In the end the best cure was to persevere and look outside instead of inside, only then I finally find a world full of people ready to admire my art.

4- Is there a particular message that you would like to convey to those who see your works?

Even if life is often heavy doesn’t mean that it cannot be approached as a serenity and lightness and with the bright colors of my paintings I want to invite them to reflect on that.

chiara magni artist

5- Have there been any major changes in your life after developing this project?

Surely! First it was all in my head and in my fears, then gradually I went out more and more and started to understand that there was a whole world of people to reach.

My first ever sale was a small chalk drawing that was bought for tens of dollars by a Canadian girl.

The excitement was great especially if I thought I had reached Canada!

I remember sending it with the courier, I was very excited when the courier rang the door, I almost didn’t know what to do but in the end I succeeded and the drawing arrived safe and sound.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only in 2016!

I have changed a lot and since that unforgettable day of my first sale I then placed over 100 paintings in the hands of collectors all over the world.

chiara magni artist

6- What advice would you give to those who want to start from this form of art as a job?

Well, I personally don’t believe in things like fairy tales, dreams that come true without lifting a finger or even luck.

I am more for: Help you and God will help you!

My advice is not to leave thinking that it is easy but at the same time to see it as a game, to listen to yourself and what you want to express through your art and then to continue to practice it and practice it until you reach your personal perfection.

7- What characteristics do you think are necessary to succeed in an artistic activity?

We are all very different and it is not easy to give a standard explanation but I think it takes: determination, courage and a pinch of madness.

8- I saw the photos of your many jobs. Is there an artistic work created by you that gave you more satisfaction?

Every picture of mine has its own history and for me they are like children! Some have been milestones in my path and are:






9- Where do we find you online?





Here below you will find some of Chiara’s works … I recommend you to observe them, you won’t regret it!

I just have to thank you for kindly granting me this so creative interview, which I’m sure will help and inspire many people. Don’t miss out on these moments of inspiration, follow the social network!

(All photos of this post are owned by Chiara Magni)